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WangLong Adversaria, Priceless friendship, Wanglong and Ms. Diana, Ms. Jane .

“To the Wanglong family:

Thank you and thank you again for a special visit to Jingdezhen! How a pleasure spending time with your daughters & mother & father family - such a beautiful family is a great gift from god, and your sharing what you have been bless with, with the entire world and many close friends from around the world. I hope to see you again soon in Jingdezhen or Australia or America.

Please come visit America with the entire family!

All the best until next time!

Jane Milosch

Smithsonian Institution

Washington DC”


“Dear Wanglong and family:

There are no words for me to express how deeply I am moved by everything you have done for me and my close friend Jane.

Your generosity and love and friendship will stay with me all my life.

I look forward to spending many more happy years in Jingdezhen because of you. Thank you for sharing your daughters and family with me .’Even the cheeky one’.

See you very soon again. I look forward to it with all my heart.

Thank you from me, Neil and my family.❤❤❤❤

——Diana Williams”



In the past few days, the close friends of Wanglong, Diana Williams the artist from Australia and Jane Milosch from America finished their work and return to their own country.

In the past month, We have witnessed an artist and a mother's confusion about war and her hope for peace. She was born in Germany, after she went through her husband and children successively went to war, she spent 14 years and effort, to and from Jingdezhen, and  injected the profound emotion into pieces of ceramic works. Through these works, a magnificent picture of ”Birth of life, destruction of home” is presented.

Intense work before and after the art exhibition, the warm-hearted help and service of the Wanglong people have shortened the distance between the two sides of the ocean and deepened our friendship. And through her we met Jane Milosch, former chief curator Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian American Art Museum, and founding director of Smithsonian Provenance Research Initiative, Washington, DC. The connection with Her opened the door to a higher art palace.Through a lecture of special value, everybody travel through the history and contemporary, feel different era, different regions of art and culture, and set up a bridge of foreign art and business communication.

Before they left, we sent gifts to each other, and they left words of gratitude and affection for the people of Wanglong who afforded selfless help.

See you in September!


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