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WangLong Adversaria, Full Harvest and Preparation for Jingdezhen Ceramic Exhibition

With the foreign trade marketing teams coming back from Tokyo and Paris, it means the international exhibition  every autumn is over.They returned to Jingdezhen full of experience and insight.

This time, Tokyo International Gift Fair for the first time in Japan was not fully prepared in the early stage, and the organizers of the exhibition area, especially on the deficiencies of overall decoration made the brand image and product display was affected. But even so, full recognition of the well-known Japanese ceramics brand Vanilla Club,Nine Valley Burn, as well as the Japanese merchants for wanglong ceramics, and the careful help from Japanese friends in the work, our confidence has not been frustrated. In the coming year, the company will redeploy its work to show up again in a different format.

On the other hand, the French M&O, due to the company for many years unremitting efforts, hire European designers participate in design, constantly communication with art organizations  as well as the structural adjustment of company's future development strategy, we gradually get popular with European customers and exhibitor's full approval, has made the new breakthrough, located in the red carpet  area to obtain the good benefits at the same time.

Next, China Jingdezhen International Ceramics Exposition, in our home, here Wang long Ceramics will show the world the thousands of years of porcelain culture and modern ceramic art in line with the world.Let's looking forward to it!


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