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Summer vacation so just won’t derelict -- when art and design meet erdos, began to apply now, still wait for what?


Design H(ij)ack 2019 - When art/design meets public space @Ordos is officially launching! Participants of the arts, architecture, urban planners, industrial / product design, interaction design, computer science, and engineers are invited to apply.


Program dates: 

2019 08/05-09/15

Application deadline:

2019 08/01


2019 "DESIGN H(ji)ACK- when art and DESIGN meet public space @ordos goes live! Art, architecture, urban planning, industrial design, product design, interaction design, creative programming, computer science candidates are invited.

Date of the scheme:

2019 08/05-09/15

Deadline for application

2019 08/01

LOCATION Summer camp city

Ordos City/鄂尔多斯


This years DESIGN H(ij)ACK will be located in Ordos City. Ordos is a city in Inner Mongolia, China, home to about two million people.  Located in a region rich with natural resources such as gas, coal and rare earth metals.  Ordos is internationally known for being a ghost town. The city has  emerged as the most famous, and most infamous,of China's overbuilt and underpopulated instant cities magically popping out of no where with billions of dollars invested. DESIGN H(ij)ACK will take a closer look at the after effects of rampant urbanization and what they leave behind in their wake. We welcome our participants to observe, absorb and explore methods of engagements to the city's current condition.  



Ordos Museum / 鄂尔多斯博物馆


Ordos Museum, designed by MAD Archictects.


we will set up a working space inside the atrium of the museum.

The summer camp office space is located in the lobby of ordos museum


H(ij)ACK”: while “HACK” has been widely used to describe the destructive behavior of anarchist activism, “HIJACK” is to interrupt the original continuity of an ongoing process and divert it towards its (hijacker’s) own desired course or purpose. This program proposes to merge these two phenomena.


The main objective of the program is to generate tangible prototypes and solutions along the theme of "DESIGN H(ij)ACK - When Art & Design Meet Public Space". Cross-disciplinary collaboration is a necessity, combined with strong knowledge integration from research, concepts, design, to execution, “DESIGN H(ij)ACK” encourages all participants to think differently, design efficiently, and work economically, mostly important: collectively. May it be a discarded chair, an deserted Hutong space, abandoned amusement park, or public infrastructure that is no longer functioning or valid, or playground related-through "DESIGN H(ij)ACK" interventions are expected to become innovative inventions. Collaborative initiatives within architecture and public art will be emphasized. We will address different areas of design that manifest in new media technologies, social spaces and public art.



"DESIGN H(ij)ACK" : the term "HACK" is widely used to describe the destructive behavior of anarchism. "HIJACK" means to interrupt an ongoing original continuous process and redirect it to the desired process and purpose. In this plan, these two phenomena are combined into one main concept.


In China's unique social development environment, participants will face a series of unique problems brought by China's rapid urbanization, such as society, culture, economy, residence, life and entertainment, and try to provide design solutions from various perspectives. Since this experience must be acquired through the participants' own personal experience, this first-hand direct participation is the key for participants to enter this mixed academic field. From concept development to output the final prototype work, this is a complete dynamic organic process participants will not only become clear in the process of understanding of the challenges and problems faced, and through cooperation bring their ideas to realize, and can coordinate and balance the various by resource constraints in the process of design output of constraints (such as labor force, speed, budget, material, places, context and technology, etc.). Along with the DESIGN course, DESIGN H(ji)ACK hosts a series of art and architecture talks by international masters and local art and DESIGN practitioners, as well as interesting trips to important cultural sites, urban architecture and manufacturing plants. This program includes tutor BBS and artist workshop. After six weeks, the students will report and exhibit their work. In addition, the program provides students with a creative, learning and lifestyle that combines food, housing, work and study.


"Expand Professional Network"

"Engage w/ other professionals"

"Cultural Experience"

"Cross-disciplinary collaboration"

"Team Building"

"Special Workshop w/ artist Matt Hope"

"Tangible works for your Professional Portfolio's"




our own



A key aspect of this programme is how our mentors engage with each member of the design group. By breaking down the traditional hierarchy of roles usually characterizing relationships between teacher and pupil or master and apprentice, it creates a platform for reciprocal exchanges of dialogues and co-development of ideas.  Further more it encourages every participant not only anticipating to the changes in the process of design development, but also embracing the differences each member contributes.



A few more mentors will be confirmed mentors 

will be added in about a week


Week #01: Introduction 

Week #02: Research & Development 

Week #03: Ideation & Concept 

Week #04: Design Development 

Week #05: Production & Fabrication

Week #06: Presentation & Exhibition 

(the detailed scheduling information of this plan is being updated)




The main focus of our programme is the collaboration between diverse disciplines and backgrounds. Therefore we are only offering this program to a selected number of participants from the following discipline

Mentor and close interaction between the members of each team are the key characteristics of this plan. The teacher and students, master and apprentice this traditional concept in this plan is broken, and then on the open platform equal communication and dialogue, and common development concept idea. Then we encourage each participant can not only to the design of development in the process of change to keep an open state of mind, and can accommodate each participant of the diversity of perspectives and contribution. The following is our choice of profession scope and number:

/6 Architects 

/5 Designers 

/5 Programmers / Creative coders 

/4 Artists 

/5 Local Chinese Artist/Designers 


Interns/Positions will be offered at the end of the program. 


Admission to the workshop is by selection only. All applicants are asked to submit a PDF work sample and CV. The application formatted as a single digital file, in PDF format, should not exceed 10 MB. Applicants will be contacted via email or wechat upon receipt of their application.

 Send PDF to the following

Please submit your application materials to use mail: buzz@bhi5.com

For more details, add WeChat wechat ID: B_STIJL

Selected applicants will be notified one or two days after submission deadline. 

Accepted applicants are first come first served basis.

The main focus of our programme is the collaboration between diverse disciplines and backgrounds .

Therefore we are only offering this program to a selected number of participants from the following discipline:

The main purpose of this program is to collaborate across boundaries between participants from different backgrounds and fields. Therefore, the following limited number of participants will be considered for inclusion in this program:

-6 Architects 

-5 Industrial Designers 

-5 Programmers/Hackers 

-4 Artists 

-5 Local Chinese Artist/Designers 


Upon acceptance and payment received you will be provided with a "Welcome Package" (via email) including all necessary information to prepare you for your trip/programme and your housing accommodations.





The total cost for the six-week program is 3,500USD Total tuition for six weeks: 22,750 RMB.

The tuition fees cover:




  /Group critics

  /Studio Space

  /Working materials

  /Production Materials


  /Workshop with Artist Matt Hope


  /Exhibition Catalogue 


  /Lunch 5-times a week

  /Two group dinners (Breaking the ice and Fairwell) w/ Participants and Mentors 








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